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5 things to entertain Pandemic quarantined children

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Week 4 in a Pandemic! No wait week 7? I can't keep track. The kids have no school. I have no work. We have to stay home?! Here are some Ideas for keeping them kids engaged. Hopefully it will keep you a little more sane as well.

1. Side Walk Chalk Art

We had a birthday for my wife's 92 year old grandmother. We couldn't go in and see her as she was in a high risk category for Covid-19. One can still communicate love for someone without touching them. One good way to do this was through chalk art. Our kids each took a square and then let their creative juices flow. It entertained them for a couple hours and the gesture was very much appreciated.

We have done a version of this weekly just mostly on our front driveway and sidewalk. The kids enjoy it and if you like or dislike the pictures they are gone by the next bit of rainfall or watering of the grass (whoops was that your picture sorry i didn't see that there)


1. Chalk

2. Painters tape (optional to get those Clean lines as can be seen from the above picture)

3. Imagination

4. Time(we have ample time in this quarantine

2. Puzzles!!

When is it a good time for puzzles lets go over the possibilities. Puzzles are great if you can't go out and hang or interact with people. CHECK. They require a lot of time so its a good idea to do this when you aren't busy working, socializing, playing a sport or doing any normal human activity. CHECK! Puzzles are a great way to engage the mind for long or short bouts of time. Definitely a need in a pandemic. One thing I did find out during our time pulling puzzles is it was a good way to get us all at a table and talk about things beyond just where does this piece fit. BONUS.

3. Living Room Camping

Kids love building forts with blankets! It is a good way to get those imaginations going and after a few sheets go up, they have practically forgotten that they are required to stay at home. Add a movie to the fun and forget about it. You have a great way to pass an evening in quarantine. Add a treat like popcorn or a skillet smore and you have your self quite the treat.

Items Needed

1. Blankets lots of blankets

2. Chairs

3. Movie

4. Popcorn

5. Skillet S'more

4.Bubble Party

Who doesn't like watching translucent globes floating in air being carried away by the whims of a breeze. Its easy to get mesmerised by the care free nature of these bubbles and then then POP! Its time to blow some more. Its also a good idea when throwing a bubble party to bring a big bubble blower or other show stopping device like the one pictured . This is the Wowmazing bubble blower. Its a little more tricky than a basic wand but once you get the hang of it you can have some real noteworthy photo opportunities like the one to the left. It also comes in handy with kids to have the bragging rights of blowing the biggest bubble at the party.

Items Needed

1. Bubble Wands of all sizes

2. Bubble blowing lessons from Spongebob Squarepants

3.Space the more available, the more fun

6. Go for a Bike ride.

Going for a ride can be good for you and your children. Getting fresh air in the lungs using some energy can be a good way to lower stress in these stay at home orders. It can also be a good way to feel adventure and leave the house without conflicting with the current guidelines.

Items Needed

1. Bikes

2. Snacks

3. Water

4. Bike trailer (For 3 and under kids especially)

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