• Daniel Bowman

Eat outside the Box: Quayle Eggs!!

A friend asked me to feed his chickens and his Quayle while he was gone for the Holidays. I did it just to be nice and wasn't expecting anything. My friend was very grateful for my efforts (I guess they all survived. Nailed it!!) So he thanked me by giving me as many chicken eggs(Score!!) and Quayle eggs( okay!?).


1. Smaller than Chicken eggs- Quayle eggs are about 1/4 the size of Chicken eggs

2. Thicker inner membrane- When you crack a Quayle egg the leathery inner membrane does not and has to be peeled away

3. Less runny- I noticed that the egg whites were a little more viscous in the Quayle eggs

Try it 3 ways

1. Scrambled

2. Fried

3. Poached

Scrambled and fried were pretty much the same Quayle eggs cooked faster in both cases. The texture was about the same as would be expected. The Big difference was the flavor. Ugh. The Quayle eggs had a slight hint of fish on the back end of each bite. Not my favorite. I found it hard to swallow at first. The only thing that made the eggs enjoyable was Franks red hot sauce. A true life saver. Its spicy vinegar tones were the right thing to squelch that fishy gamey after taste.

The Surprise

I was disappointed after having to fails with the quayle eggs. I still had 8 eggs left from my friend and well I don't like to waste food. No matter how bad it is. So I gave the eggs one last try. POACHED. I don't usually poach my eggs but with these fowl tasting eggs. Pun intended. It was a must and it worked. The quayle eggs were redeemed! They tasted no difference.


Quayle Eggs are edible when cooked by poaching. Any other method scrambled, fried are no palatable unless you like a slightly fishy tasting egg. If not use your favorite hot sauce.

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