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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

It’s that time of the year: Goals!

Goals yeah we all know what that means and in fact many of us make them but most of us don’t keep them. I just wanted to ramble on a few of my thoughts at this time on how we can set meaningful goals and actually makes changes for the better.

I recently read an article that highlighted the value of pursuing objectives that make us happy vs fulfilling. I think this is a great starter on goal setting

Happiness would be simply what brings us joy and what makes us smile. I think goals that can lead to happiness are worthwhile whatever they may be. If its travel plan a trip. If its food then learn to cook something exotic. If it is helping others then learn a skill of value. Or you could just reflect on the past when you were happy and find new experiences or challenges that you believe will make you happy. Really its about self exploration.

Things that are fulfilling are things that bring us a sense of pride of accomplishment. I think it is important to note that you can feel fulfilled but not necessarily happy. An example for myself is having completed a Masters degree. This was very fulfilling but required a lot of time and money to complete and I was not happy to spend weekends doing homework or working on projects. But I am proud to have accomplished this feat that only around 13.1% of americans have completed.

I believe goals that make us stretch can give us a sense of accomplishment and are worth pursuing. A few ideas are a skill that is hard for you to learn, an experience that tries your will, or something that you don’t think you can actually do.

Another muse I use when developing goals is based on the 8 dimensions of wellness. Pick a category that you feel is missing or lagging and develop yourself.

With that said I think its good if goals lead to some kind of internalizing or lifestyle change. Or for lack of words goals could be built into each other and carry beyond a year or be a smaller baby step that you pursue weekly or even daily.

The last ramble on why goals are good to have is that it gives direction to our actions and helps us set a course for what we want to be kind of like a ship setting sail for a destination or a map.

A few goals that I have for myself this year include to read a book, improve my Spanish, and develop a technical skill.

Yes, I know for most people to have a goal to read one book is very underwhelming but for me it is something I set because if I don’t I won’t.

My Spanish has been on a decline for awhile and I invested so much time into it that I would hate to see it go. I am yet to find exactly what lifestyle change I can do consistently but I don’t want to give up on it.

For the technical skill I am tinkering with programming and maybe trying my hand at some automotive maintenance. Again probably very underwhelming for most people but I know very little of both of those skills.

Best of luck for whatever your goals are even if it is to set a goal

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