• Daniel Bowman

Meat Marinade of Champions!!!

Its Grillin season!! And you know what that means!!! All sorts of nice meats going on to the grill but not always so nice meats coming off. What gives? Why Have the grill gods forsaken me and not allowed for my hard earned cash and time turn into a delicious meal. 2 things I have learned from trial and error. Is watching how hot the grill is running and the other is a good marinade. We won't talk about the first as I think it takes time, practice and observation of others to expand ones skills. The second is MARINADES!!! Marinades are a way for any man of any skill cook the books in his favor when he comes before the grill Whether you are an expert grill king or just a dabbling grill pauper, YOU can make your backyard BBQ loads better. Here is my secret foundation well not so secret but still good. This marinade is the foundation of most of my grilling. Side note I am a Charcoal only when I am talking about grilling. Grilling should not be confused with Barbequeing. BARBEQUE is a whole different ball game involving hours of smoking or curing meats. This is a simple grilling marinade. Well let's get to it.

The Marinade Basic

1 Can of Sprite(Ginger Sprite or other varieties work as well and really any lemon lime soda on hand)

2 T Lemon juice

1/4 cup of Soy Sauce

2 T of minced garlic (fresh works but I usually use the jars)

1 T of onion powder

Water to submerge the meat

1 gallon bag filled fully with meat

Tips: Works best with Chicken and pork but can be used with beef. It is better when left over night

Spice it up!!

Add in a swig or 2 of these to change it up or keep as is

1. Swamp Gas

2. Sweet Chili Sauce

3. Sriracha

4. Sweet Bourbon Glaze

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