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Priest Lake: Thou Holy Water

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Today’s adventure comes from the tippy top of Idaho at Osprey campground on the shores of Priest Lake. Map below for reference.

Priest Lake actually was once called Kaniksu Lake but was later changed in the Late 1900’s to Priest lake referencing early Jesuit missionaries having set camp on its shore.

The Lake is beautiful and quite out of the way from most of civilization. Which also makes it kinda a pain to get there. I learned of the lake years ago from a friend who ventured every year with his family to go boating up there and he spoke highly of it.

As my toddler LOVES camping I thought “Ah, why not scout it out”. Researching the location we chose to stay at Osprey Campground as it had flushing toilets and easy access for non off-road vehicles as I drive an older model Avalon which has low clearance. Yeah, I know many do not consider this camping but it works for us.

If you choose this campground I highly recommend choosing one of the 5 sites on the shoreline as it puts you around 15 yards from the shore and most of these sites have their own private cove offering easy access for a quick swim.

The site was very quiet with minimal noise from boats or vehicles just the sound of the water hitting the shore. And the occasional passerby. We had our own fire pit and the star were fantastic and the milky way was visible to the naked eye. All in all I highly enjoyed the lake and campground and recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.

Honestly, I did not take many pictures as we just enjoyed the experience and believe me the on picture does not due the site justice.

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