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Sour or not Too Sour? Umeboshi that is the Question

A lot of my favorite youtubers like Rhett and Link have tried Umeboshi plums touting them as the most sour thing in the world. Having tried the hottest pepper in the world, THE CAROLINA reaper, I figured my stomach was up for the challenge. So for my birthday I went out and bought me a pack for my birthday in fact this one right below here on the right.

What is an Umeboshi?

Well most people, including myself will call them umeboshi plums. This in fact is a redundancy. The word comes from japanese "ume" meaning plum and "boshi meaning dry,or to dry. It literally means dry plum. Which if you buy a pack like these like I did off amazon you can see they are quite most almost soggy.

What gives? You say. Well they are dried plums that are then put into a salt brine to brine and then sold to the unknowing public.

The Taste Test

Is it sour? The short answer yes. The most overwhelming flavor though is that of salt which makes sense as the brine is made of 20% salt. I mean the back of my tongue was definitely in a reaction that it had only experienced with sour candies like warheads. This however was at a whole new level!!! My tongue was in a sour induce cramp of a 100 warheads but all my could compute was salty. I wonder if that could be do to the high levels of citric acid overwhelming my sour receptors of my tongue into a comatosed state. They flat lined. I attempted a second taste but this time I didn't stick the whole plum in my mouth I just gave a quick taste and there was the saltiness first but I was able to taste some more sour notes this go around. Bottom line it is sour but highly salty. I think it would be delicious as an add in to food not to eat it straight. Well tell me what you think go and try it yourself!!

5 tips on Ume tasting

1. Just chew it up and don't think about the texture. The texture is unapetizing at first. The texture is a little odd it has a super leathery outside with a slimy

2. Take it in smaller doses. Most Japanese eat it with rice more like a seasoning. Eating it straight and hoping for good flavor is like drinking vinegar straight and hoping it wont be strong

3. Be Careful of pits. The pit after it is dried takes up a significant amount of the Ume that is pulled out of the package.

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