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Getting Crafty With Wood #1: Test Tube Vase

So the above image is a project that I did originally for my wife for Mothers Day. It was well liked and really fit her style and it wasn't too hard to do. Still there was some measurement and math went into this so I am going to share it so you don't have too.

Recommended Tools

Drill Quick Square

Finish Nails X 8 Table saw




Dremel (optional but saves your hands)

Step 1

Get 4 foot long 1x4 board and cut it it lengthwise using the table saw. Note: You do not have to buy a board. Using any board of this size or approximate length of board, at least 3.5 feet, will do in my opinion the more weathered the board the better the look. Also the more beat up the board the less perfect your measurements have to be.

Step 2

Cut the 2 inch board as noted below in the image so you end up with 2 boards @ 6 1/8 inches and another 2 boards @ 10 1/2 inches long.

Step 3

Sand the tops and the bottoms of each board by running the Mikita Orbit Sander as pictured above, or other sanding machine or by hand if you so choose.

Step 4

Set all the boards aside except for one of the 10 1/2" boards. We need that one to measure out some lines to make 5 points. First on the short side use a tape measure or quick square to measure 1 inch to find the middle draw a line with pencil all the way across the board . Now we need a line 2 inches from the first small side. From that line four lines will be drawn at 1 1/2 inch intervals as seen below. At each intersection make a larger dot as a mark for the drill with the spade to follow.

Step 5

If step 4 went well and you in fact have those measurements you are ready to drill on each of the intersections above. Drill using a 1" spade that you already have or will need to purchase (link provided if you don't know what to look for. Its okay I will be honest I didn't until I consulted my tool-mentor-father-in-law).

Step 6

When you are done, sand the holes pressing sandpaper with thumb or finger in a semicircular direction. Note: the spade drilled holes will be rough and needed to be smoothed out. I recommend using a dremel to start this process by using the circular sanding attachment. I say start as I dont think the sanding process is quite as smooth as I like hand sanding does to smooth out the lines the Dremel can leave behind.

Step 7

Assemble the 4 pieces cut in step 2 into a rectangle. make sure the short end are exposed in this rectangle configuration as shown in the diagram below. Hammer 2 nails into the short pieces into the end of the long pieces at each corner. Note to keep nice square corners an assist from a friend to hold the pieces in place(at least for the first to sides to the rectangle) is a good idea. Or use clamps like these or even better these clamps(I wish i had a set of these it would have made this project even easier to do by myself).

Step 7

You are almost finished with your project should look some thing like this.

Now its time to add the test tubes.

And then the flowers

Voila you are finished with your eye catching piece of decor.

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