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Top 5 Movies to Calm Energized kids

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

So you get home from work. The kids have been addressed with wrestles hugs or other quality time depending on their love language. Its an hour before bed but instead of being ready for bed they are more wired than ever. You are tired because well work does that and all that love well it takes energy. To make matters worse you look over at your partner. Her eyes tell the whole story she is exhausted cleaning up after the little ones and want to do nothing more with them. Her eyes plead with you " You've been at work all day do something! You are the man of the house." You agree with those unspoken pleas after all she is right! So what do you do? Well what you need is some help something that takes minimal effort

How to calm the beasts?

You ask yourself. well simple. A movie will do the trick but how do you know which one. You want it to be engaging but not so engaging that the energize. You want it to calm them down but you will absolutely scream if you half to listen/watch googly baby show. Also your brain will probably melt or worse the childrens' brains will melt. You wouldn't want that! We need them to have brains so they can be successful and well ultimately move out. So engaging for your and the kids but also calming. If you have ever been in this moment. I have the list of best movies to calm the children but not melt their brains. Theses movies are rated on the following 1. How quickly it gets my child and/or my child's friends to calm down.2. Annoyance level for adults3. Low level of violent or startling moments in plot

Top 5 movies

1 Ponyo- Ponyo is a variation of the tale of the little mermaid where a magical fish named Ponyo turns herself into a human after getting to know a little boy named Saske. The Plot revolves around Ponyo's fathers disapproval of her decision to live among humans, specifically her new found friend Saske. It gets 5/5 kids, secondary to the expose, colorful art design and funny little quips. It has a calming musical score. It does all this with no real violent or startling scenes for children even those as young as 2 years old. As for an adult watching, the story is adequate engaging and ultimately it is not as in your face that it cannot be ignored. Being able to be easily ignored is a high feature on children's movies especially for those who have kids in the range of 2-5 years old. Those of us who have children in this category know all to well why. A well liked movie by a 2 something will not be watched just once. They want to watch it ALL THE TIME.

2.Winnie the Pooh- Winnie the Pooh is a classic story of Christopher Robin and his stuffed friends who come to life and have adventures. This one is particularly geared around Eeyore, the donkey trying to find his lost tail. And Owl convincing everyone that a misspelled word on Christopher Robins note is actually a monster that is threatening the 100 acre wood. It is second on the list mostly because of my 4/5 of my kids sit and actually watch this movie. The story is engaging but it takes a good 15 minutes to get most kids warmed up to the story.

3.My neighbor Totoro Is a another Miyazaki film like Ponyo. The difference in its placement on the list is mostly because it is a really slow moving story and takes sometimes longer than Winnie The Pooh to grab the children's attention. The storyline is about 2 little girls moving to the country side of Japan with there father. The 3 await their mothers return from a long hospital stay. During there wait for her return the 2 girls discover Totoro, a Tree Troll, and have numerous fun but non violent adventure with him. It slowness of story can be seen in ways as an advantage as it seems to have the highest level of making Sub five years olds sit still and well fall asleep.

4. Wall-E Biggest draw is that it engages its audience the the robot of the same name but does so with a very light on words Script. So if you find yourself being irritated easily by childrens programming dialogue this one should be tried hire on the list than the other. Wall-E and Totoros pace of their plot lines are similar but Totoro edges Wall-E by a nose by having a few more silly moments with side characters than Wall-E Does.

5. Kiki's delivery service- Kiki's Delivery service is a great story about a little good Witch who is ready to step out in to her own city and find her way in the world. Its quirky funny and Kiki has a talking Black Cat sidekick named Gigi. Gigi likes to make a lot of snarky comments that are entertaining for adults and older children. This movie would be higher if we were basing it on story line alone but we are not. What I have notice is my kids over 5 years old enjoy this more than the other movies but the little they are say 2-3 years or younger the less interested in this movie they become.

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